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Enough about us, now we need to tell you about the awesome services we have in store for you. These are our services;

  • Financial advice

Personal finance is not an easy topic. That much we know which is why we offer our clients this service in the first place. For you to secure your own financial wellbeing, you need to trust as your partners to guide you through the challenges that you face. Once you call or visit us for a consultation, we take the initiative to assess your financial situation. Based on what information you provide us, we prepare a plan with you to begin treading towards your financial goal.

  • Mortgage and finance brokerage

With the many lenders in the market, you may get confused on who to settle for when you are shopping for loans. To ease things for you, we as Mr.Money help you settle for the best loans in town. We first of all assess your needs and then start conducting market research all in a bid to find you a loan that you will feel comfortable repaying. If you want advice in refinancing a current loan, we are also in a position to guide you accordingly.

If you are wondering on how we will help secure your assets, this is how. We all have wishes on how our wealth should be handled in future in the event that we die or lose capacity. For that reason we sit down with you to document what you want to be done in terms of;

Estate planning- To ensure that your assets are secured, we discuss strategies that we will put in place in order for your family to endure in your absence. What we major on include asset distribution and the beneficiaries to receive the benefits. We advise you accordingly factoring all your wishes on the same.

Financial attorney- in this age of every profession having a quack, you may be fearful of who to entrust with full authority of your legal and financial issues. This should not be a problem when you work with us because we give the best referrals available. We have worked with a number of such individuals and we can assure you that they are credible. Once we discuss your aspirations, we help you pick out the financial attorney who will protect and administer all your wealth.

Trust management- since we are aiming for long term benefits, we help you protect assets through creating trusts. These trusts not only not only protect your assets, they also help in wealth creation. Talk about long term. 


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